lARTama Shadow - Under The shadow, a flower blooms

I consciously started to paint black on white. I had a strong feeling inside that now the flows were right and a huge confidence in success and general belief in the future. I chose wide spatulas and big brushes as my tools. I wanted to create a strong impression of "resurrection" with minimalist strokes.
The movements of the brush reflect a strong will and perseverance to overcome long challenging times. Each stroke and splash carries with it a determination that has grown through all the adversity and years of hardship. The end result conveys something pure and clear. Through the trials and tribulations along the way, the flower finally bursts into full bloom after the shadows. Showing that beauty, strength and ideas can sprout even in the darkest moments. Its growth continues unabated, deep in the shadows.

Under The shadow, a flower blooms. was converted directly into the Shadow pattern. Shadow is a symbol of permanence and durability. It reflects the idea that while shadows may obscure growth and development, they do not stop it. It symbolises strength and perseverance in the face of adversity, emphasising how life continues to progress and evolve, even when the shadows try to slow it down.

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